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Common Initiative Group Agropastoral Complex of Ayos
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Le COMPLEXE AGROPASTORAL D’AYOS (GIC C.A.P.A) est une entreprise polyvalente située au Cameroun et qui se spécialise dans l’agriculture, l’aviculture et la pisciculture. Elle propose la production d’alevins, la vente de poissons frais, congelé et fumé, l’élevage et la vente de poulets de chair, ainsi que la culture et la vente de variétés de poivres (noir, blanc, rouge et vert) et de bananes plantains.
Organic products

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poulet de chaire a vendre
gros carpe

fish farming

Within this company, the production of fingerlings occupies an important place. The fingerlings produced are of superior quality and meet the strictest standards for organic production. Customers can thus benefit from a healthy and quality product, resulting from a production that respects the environment. The production of fingerlings is an activity that requires great expertise and appropriate infrastructure. This is why the AGROPASTORAL COMPLEX OF AYOS has all the necessary equipment for the production of fingerlings, in particular hatcheries and fish tanks. In addition, the company also offers the sale of aquaculture equipment to help customers start their own production. In addition to the production of fingerlings, the COMPLEX AGROPASTORAL D'AYOS also offers the sale of fresh, frozen and smoked fish, industrial quantity production of carp and catfish, as well as aquariums and training for aquarists.


We are proud to offer you a selection of authentic local products that reflect the richness of our Cameroonian terroir. We specialize in growing and selling varieties of black, white, red and green peppercorns, each with its own unique flavor and crunchy texture. Additionally, we also offer a wide selection of plantains, locally grown, which are renowned for their delicious taste and chewy texture.
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banane plantain
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poulet de chaire a vendre

poultry farming

With us, we are proud to offer you local products of superior quality. We specialize in the breeding and sale of fresh, frozen and smoked broilers. We offer you a selection of locally raised chickens, fed with quality food and raised in optimal sanitary conditions to offer you healthy and tasty meat. In addition to our quality products, we also offer a wide range of feeds for all ages of your poultry.


Le GIC C.A.P.A fait également dans la production industrielle du poivre blanc, noir, rouge et vert de qualité. Le produit est 100 % bio et de qualité.
poivre blanc ,noire et rouge
poivre blanc noir et rouge
Professional training

GIC C.A.P.A offers outstanding training.


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