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Fresh, local and top quality products.

About us

A passionate and committed agro-pastoral company for responsible production

The AGROPASTORAL COMPLEX OF AYOS (GIC C.A.P.A) is a versatile company located in Cameroon that specializes in agriculture, poultry farming and fish farming. It offers the production of fingerlings fish, the sale of fresh, frozen and smoked fish, the breeding and sale of broiler chickens, as well as the cultivation and sale of varieties of black, white, red and green peppers and bananas. plantains. It is positioned as a major player in quality organic production in Cameroon.


Why choose us ?

Choosing the GIC C.A.P.A means opting for superior quality organic products.

100% organic quality products

Top quality local products grown with passion and dedication while respecting the environment.

Industrial production

We have modern equipment and advanced production techniques to meet large quantity demands while preserving quality and the environment.

International Distribution

We are able to distribute our products internationally because of our ability to produce in large quantities while respecting the quality and food safety standards required for export.

Quality training

Training in agriculture, fish farming and quality breeding provided by experienced experts with a practical and theoretical approach.

We Have More Then 1235+ Global Partners


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